Business + Career Mastermind for Women of Color and Allies



A business and career leadership mastermind to help women of color and allies go from not having a life outside of their career/business to having one within 6 months.

We 100% respect and protect your privacy, and we promise never to share any of your information.

“It was a space I can be free in. You [Elaine] saw me as a woman of color struggling for my footing. I walked away knowing that I’m not crazy and that there is help. Thank you for seeing me. It’s helped me get me to where I am at NOW.”

– Chéla Gage, Starbucks Global Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer

You’re most likely “successful” by the definition of society, your friends, and your culture.

You have it “all” – the money, the title/business, leading a team.

But on the inside, you don’t feel so good.

  • Every decision you make carries so much weight because it affects your team’s well-being
  • It’s hard to be “OFF” and fully relax when there’s so much to do
  • And there are some difficult conversations you constantly need to have.

You aren’t living YOUR definition of success, which is getting your PERSONAL LIFE back.

We grew up thinking that “doing the most” and “getting the most” would lead to success.

    But I believe:

    1. You are enough

    2. What you are doing is enough and your definition of “enough” evolves through seasons of life

    3. And it’s time to define what enough is in this season of your personal life so you can create boundaries and systems around your career/business.

    Once you understand how you want your personal life to look and feel like, you can start making small edits to have your professional career/business work around that.

    Here’s a pic of my family with 4 generations and my 2 grandmas on both sides of the family in the middle.

    Regardless of what’s happening in the world whether it’s a pandemic, the economy or just LIFE happening. My clients continue to leave a legacy for generations!

    “I was so impressed with Elaine’s ability to command the room of 20+ executives, coaches and mentors for the training we brought her in to lead to kick off our Cohort #1 Mentorship Coaching Circles. Elaine is such a natural speaker and brings with her an amazing energy that creates an inclusive, safe and inspirational environment.

    She spoke to an audience of Mentors for the Project Management Institute’s San Francisco, Bay Area chapter’s coaching circles to provide them with the tools they would need to mentor a group of Project Managers and aspiring Project Managers.

    The group was engaged, taking notes, sharing their experiences and gave such great feedback after the training. I am really glad I had her speak to this group to kick off our coaching circles, the wisdom and energy she left them with has certainly made a huge impact on our program.“


    Warning: Making sure you edit your work around your personal life may include doing some hard things.

    I believe we can be an incredible leader where everything doesn’t have to be weighed on us, and we can build a business/career supporting the life we want.

    • If you’re a business leader: What if you don’t have to do everything in your business and still get consistent clients and consistent client results? We know how overwhelming it can be for business owners
    • If you’re a career leader: What if you realize you are no longer happy? You’re unsure if you want to stay at your job or industry, and you don’t feel safe even speaking up.
    • And as a human: What if you just want to LIVE? Be present by not having lunch with your laptop or phone and fully unwinding when it’s time.
    • Do you ever feel overwhelmed and like you’re doing the most?
    • Do you hate having lunch with your laptop and phone responding to emails because it feels like you just can’t step away?
    • Do you find your friends and loved ones annoyed that you aren’t being present with them?

    I get it. I was a former nonprofit fundraiser and grassroots organizer. And when you layer in being a woman of color and first-generation immigrant — like you, I just love giving, but sometimes I start feeling resentful.

    It was a double bias of giving so much and feeling spiteful because I wasn’t receiving what I thought I should be.

    I gave it all to my clients and community.

    I did monthly events for two years straight. And yes, it brought in clients, but it had me EXHAUSTED.

    People always talk about “abundance” in money, but I had to redefine abundance as getting time back.

    Abundance is more than just money. It’s having the time to live the life you want by your definition.

    • If you’re a career leader: Imagine getting enough work done, enjoying that work, and still making it to dinner with your family.
    • If you’re a business owner: Think about how you can get time back and go on a real vacation with no laptop because your team has your back or simply be able to work out or walk around the block without anxiety.

    Remember legacy leader:

    • Want to travel around the world where you’re not glued to a screen? I just had a 2-week vacation in Tanzania, climbing Kilimanjaro and going on a safari with no technology #nolaptoplife.
    • Take your kid to school every day and pick them up. Do it. I have several of my clients who have created this as a priority.
    • Want to go back to hobbies that fill you with joy? For example, I recently got back to doing Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing). My work schedule revolves around that, where I don’t work from 9:30 AM to 1 PM so that I can eat right after.

    Ready to create a balance like this for you?


    A mastermind group for leaders to get their time and life back in 6 months.

    The Business & Career Mastermind is for leaders like you who realize you’ve done the best to do things on your own and you are tired of being stuck and wasting time.

    No matter where you are at in your leadership journey, you will learn sustainable strategies to:

    Communicate effectively to attract consistent ideal clients with whom you are excited to hop on a Zoom call. Learn how you can better communicate with your team, who might have different personalities, so everyone has a better understanding of any challenges that might be happening.

    Create an individualized structure for your life so you aren’t overwhelmed or burned out and can actually do the hobbies you love doing, whether it’s hiking or reading.

    Get your time back while making the right amount of money to live the life you get to live, whether that’s binge-watching on Netflix or going on vacation.

    Our executive mastermind instills these leadership skills in our clients—long-term strategies to build a career or business that supports your personal life and goals. 

    After working with 600+ leaders in 24 countries, we know what works and what doesn’t.

      • What doesn’t work: a one-size-fits-all coaching method.
      • What works: a customized approach where both you AND your team are supported.

    Unlike other mastermind groups that try to get a huge number of clients, we are selective and only work with 24 clients simultaneously.

    We care about client results and client experience here,
    and this is how it works:


    An Audit for An Individualized Roadmap: During these audits, we will identify 3 goals to focus on.

    Life Audit: We do a life audit to see what is aligned and not aligned in your work. I will provide you with a worksheet to assess what’s working and what’s not.

    Ideal Client Journey Audit: If you are a business owner, I will examine your numbers in the past 12 months and we will discuss recommendations moving forward

    Marketing Audit with Monica Schrock: Receive a 12-month Marketing analysis from 

    Google, Social Media, Email, and Long Form Content with detailed recommendations, metrics, and a brand message guide you and your team can use.

    Systems Audit with Gabrielle Lacasse. Discuss what systems you have In place, the team you have or want to have, and recommendations to improve efficiency and time

    Often you just get plugged in, and coaches even forget what you do.

    Monthly 1:1 60-Minute Coaching Calls with Me

    Often limited 1:1 with the main coach or even worse they delegate you to another coach

    2 Office Hours with Me

    Every template we’ve used: Everything we teach comes with templates you can use. Don’t worry, there’s no boring course that will take hours to watch. When faced with a challenge or problem, we will point out templates that will work specifically for you to save time.


    Weekly Monday action items emailed to you with your accountability doc


    Monthly Marketing & Mental Health Office Hours with Monica Schrock the 4th Wednesday of the month from 1 PM – 2:30 PM PST

    Intuitive Guidance Office Hours Iryne Carrasquillo every other month on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 10 AM- 11:30 PM PST

    Your team/group members are invited to any of the abovementioned calls or audits.

    BONUS: 1 In-Person Retreat in LA on April 18 + 19 (flight + hotel not included). Please note if you want to invite a team member to the retreat, there is an additional $1,500 cost for each team member.


    We care about client results and client experience here, and this is how it works:

    What’s great about the mastermind is that you don’t just get me — you get my team!


    Meet The Team

    Imagine leading by example in a way that inspires your team to follow while honoring themselves.

    Meet me and my team who can support you in creating a sustainable business!

    My team and I love holding a supportive space to hold conscious conversations, implement holistic leadership, and prioritize a life led by fulfillment and self-trust

    Elaine Lou Cartas, MA

    CEO + Business Strategist | IG: @elainelou_

    Elaine is the CEO and visionary of the business. She works with established entrepreneurs to create a more sustainable life through her Color Your Dreams Inner Circle. Elaine also does 1:1 coaching for entrepreneurs at any level and career coaching clients.

    Monica Schrock

    Marketing Strategist

    Monica is an optimistic, introverted marketing strategist and copywriter who’s spent the last 15 years helping 200 clients craft their message to increase sales and donations from double to over ten times. She provides monthly coaching to the Color Your Dreams Inner Circle and 1:1 sessions to support our clients with their messaging and copy.

    Gabrielle Lacasse

    Systems & Operations Strategist

    Gabrielle is a seasoned Business Integrator and Consultant with 10+ years of experience in managing projects and operations. She helps business owners focus on the big picture instead of getting bogged down in the details. She’s skilled at building effective teams, coming up with creative solutions, and setting up systems to make businesses run smoother. She’s worked closely in the coaching, consulting, and the tech industry.

    Iryne Carrasquillo

    Intuitive Guide

    Iryne has 20 years of coaching, counseling, and intuitive guidance experience. She is a certified life coach and holds a Masters level education in psychology, social work, and business administration. Iryne enjoys helping her clients discover their purpose, follow through on their direction, and find clarity within their life and business. Iryne is happily married for over 20 years, is a mother to two young daughters, and resides in the beautiful, rural mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania.

    Katharine Magsaysay

    Event Manager

    Kat is the Event Manager for the retreats and Color Your Dreams events. Katharine has helped over 500+ clients from around the world and has created impactful change with the way small business owners approach their overall strategy and communication with their clients. Kat checks in with you weekly on your personal and business goals. You also have an opportunity to have a 1:1 session with her.