20: Unlearning Being Performative with Paula Shepherd


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Unlearning Being Performative with Paula Shepherd
Are you performing or are you being intentional about how you show up?

Throughout our lives, society has been rewarding us for being performative. As a student, you got an award for perfect attendance, and as an employee, you got a raise for working around the clock. It’s not surprising that we bring these habits into our businesses, but it’s time to unlearn these behaviors.

I’m joined by Paula Shepherd to talk about unlearning the need to be performative. We both learned the hard way that trying to be everywhere and do everything will only lead to burnout. We’re sitting down together to talk about how to identify what you need to change, show up more meaningfully, and avoid burnout.

Paula Shepherd is a certified and credentialed business communication coach, leadership mentor, and host of the highly-rated podcast, “The Confidence Sessions.” She helps high-achieving business owners across the globe develop value-driven businesses that scale their impact by simply using their voice. Paula believes that success is simple when you learn to boldly communicate and prioritize powerful, lasting connections.

After nearly 2 decades in corporate America, she left a six-figure leadership position to pursue her dream of creating a company that celebrates and amplifies diverse voices. Paula built a multi-six-figure business in her first eighteen months and has helped more than 60 clients start or reinvigorate their businesses through her The Courage Blueprint® programs and signature system, The 5 Voices Framework.

Paula is a Thriving Women Network television talk show host on E-360 TV and a Brainz Magazine Executive contributor. She has also been featured in VoyageAustin magazine, is a 2021 Brainz Global Award recipient, and has been a guest on numerous podcasts. Born and raised in Maryland, she and her family have called Austin, Texas, home since 2013.

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Redefining what it looks like to succeed
  • How to unlearn decades of conditioning to be performative
  • Identifying what needs to change
  • Why you feel the need to do all the things
  • The thing that your audience really needs from you
  • Serving fewer people with more meaning
  • Creating more inclusive spaces
  • Why you don’t need to be good at everything
  • The power of relationships

The truth is, no one is good at everything, no matter how it might seem on social media. Instead of trying to take on absolutely everything, think about what you’re really great at and what you love to do. Those are the things you should focus on.

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