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Career Coach

for Women of Color, People of Color and Allies

“Color Your Dreams®, Create Your Legacy.”


“Color Your Dreams®, Create Your Legacy.”

Hello Job Seekers: Hi! I’m a Career Coach for WOC and recently recognized as one of the Best Leadership Executive Coaches by MSN, featured as the #1 Thought Leader according to LA Weekly, and awarded one of the Top 15 Coaches in Los Angeles by Influence Digest. My career advice has been featured in ForbesMoney Magazine Huffpost and  Buzzfeed. I also have 2 courses with LinkedIn. As a woman of color, I love giving back to my communities by providing a complimentary 30-minute career coaching review session. During this session, we will identify your career goals, what’s working for you now, what’s not working for you, and what you want to gain.

Through our 1:1 career coaching in Los Angeles or virtually from anywhere in the world, we help ensure that you’re creating a fulfilling career that aligns with the lifestyle that YOU want to create. Because you can lead without sacrificing your well-being.

If you’re a woman of color, or ally, who’s established success in leadership or executive positions, I’m here to hold a supportive space to hold conscious conversations, implement holistic leadership, and prioritize a life led by fulfillment and self-trust.

“It was a space I can be free in. You [Elaine] saw me as a woman of color struggling for my footing. I walked away knowing that I’m not crazy and that there is help. Thank you for seeing me. It’s helped me get me to where I am at NOW.”

– Chéla Gage, Starbucks Global Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer

The three values we focus on when it comes to your career and life are helping you create the legacy, leadership, and lifestyle you deserve. You can learn more about our values here.

Depending on what you need support on, Elaine and her team can support you in:

Being more assertive, improving communication, and advocating for yourself

✨Successfully pivoting career paths and changing industries

✨Asking for a salary negotiation

✨Working more successfully with your direct boss and/or leadership

✨Learning how to manage up, respectfully

✨Leading a team through a period of big transition

✨Handling microaggressions in the workplace

Start with a complimentary 30-minute career coaching review session.

“Working with Elaine helped me get a new job where I doubled my income. She has also helped me become more assertive in the workplace. Elaine focuses on the systems that will make your business successful. Those systems have allowed for me to have 80% of my client renewals completed early.”

Lindsey, Market Director

Why you should work with a woman of color/people of color business coach?

As a fellow POC, you don’t need to explain why you think or feel certain ways because of your cultural upbringing. I completely understand the imposter syndrome and feelings of disappointing our family when we go after our dreams.

We were raised to go after the secure and safe job, but I’m here to show you that you can have a fulfilling career that provides security, safety, and the life you’ve always wanted.

How am I different than other career coaches?
I’ve gone through what you’ve gone through:

I am a proud first-generation Filipino immigrant living in Los Angeles, CA. I acknowledge the privilege I have because of all the generational sacrifices made before me. Below is a picture left to right, my dad, my grandma, and my grandma holding a pic of my great-grandfather and me.

I was a former grassroots organizer and political fundraiser. I’ve worked on progressive state-wide senate, congressional, and local political races from 2011 – 2014 throughout the country. I had my first Director position at 22 years old. Here’s a pic of me in the Capitol when I helped then-Congresswoman Janice Hahn get elected!

I used to be bullied at work and learned how to stand up for myself. Below is a pic of me at the first event I hosted in June 2018 to help women of color and allies put themselves first.

I was frustrated with not making my worth and too scared to ask for a raise. I also sought help through my career coach, asked for a $12k raise, and successfully got it! And now I teach my clients to get raises as well.

I had to be honest and realize I no longer loved the industry I spent five years in. I was completely burnt out. I mapped out a successful job search and found a new industry and job, making $26k more as a nonprofit fundraiser where I raised over $1.1 million in student scholarships. It was a dream job where I worked with an incredible mentor, colleagues, and career success I’ve always wanted. Below is a pic of me and a couple of scholarship winners doing a phone bank to raise more scholarship money!

In 2024, I celebrated 7 years in business serving 3,000+ students in 58 different countries. I have 2 courses with LinkedIn. I’ve been recognized as a top coach by MSNLA WeeklyLife Coach Magazine and Apple News. I am a Trauma Informed Certified, and a Certified Executive Coach. I am working towards being a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation through the Center for Executive Coaching, which I am estimated to get in July 2024. I’m proud of my business growth, and grateful for all the generational sacrifices before me.

Are you going through an identity crisis in your career?

After living through multiple years of a pandemic, everyone is starting to know what they want in their career beyond a paycheck.

According to Harvard Business Review, 47 Million Americans left their jobs in 2021.

We’ve been stuck at home asking ourselves hard questions to ensure we are aligned with our legacies.

These are questions that I’ve explored in my professional career and have helped my clients with through our coaching sessions


Do you truly have the work-life balance or integration where you spend time with loved ones? (ie. I hope you do not have lunch with your laptop every day!)


Are your colleagues respecting you as a woman of color or person of color?


And you are at this job because it’s what your family and society have told you to do?


Are you confident that you are on the right career path, or do you feel you need to explore career transitions? At 28, I went from making $72k in an industry I didn’t love to my first 6-figure job in a completely different industry.


Do you feel you have high potential, but no personal growth is happening at your current job?


Is it time for you to find that one true dream job? Or to find a job at an executive level where you continue to gain career development?


Do you want to have conversations with your boss about potential leadership positions within the company that you don’t know how to?

Do you want to know what’s possible for you if we work together?

Check out our client results below!

The Color Your Dreams® Approach

This is the approach that my clients will follow, in no particular order, depending on your current situation, lived experiences, and what makes the most sense for them.

This process is adaptable to meet where you are, and there’s no pressure to do it at any timeline that doesn’t honor you.

Our intention for this Color Your Dreams process is that you stay true to your legacy while my team and I hold you accountable for your vision.

A 22-minute podcast episode about the Color Your Dreams Approach

22-minute Podcast Episode About the
Color Your Dreams Approach®

“I started to realize this is my purpose, this is what I am really meant to do.”

Companies & Leaders of Companies I’ve Worked With

What does it look like to work together?

I work with my career coaching clients 1:1 through 3-6 month containers. It is a 4 or 5-digit investment, depending on how long.

Our goal is to keep our services accessible and pay our team their fair wages. For this reason, we offer payment plans to adapt and adjust to your needs. If you want to work with me, you have options!


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There’s a Color Your Dreams Podcast episode for everything!

→ Hear my brother’s story about changing careers and increasing your salary as a first generation immigrant.

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I’m excited to talk to you to see if it is a good fit to explore leadership coaching and individual coaching with me!

It doesn’t matter if you work for small businesses or corporate companies. I love supporting professional women of color and allies to achieve their full potential.

So are you ready to create an aligned career?

Schedule a call with me.

In 30 minutes, receive 3 action items toward your career goals.

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