What if you can have a business and life you’ve

always dreamed of?

What if you can have a business and life you’ve

always dreamed of?



The three values of all our programs is creating Aligned Legacy by helping you create legacy, leadership and the lifestyle you deserve.


To create a life that will be known for generations


Together we will co-create your signature process to create leadership


Creating your dream career and business is not all about the money, what’s more important is having the time to spend time with your loved ones.

We do the inner work to create a lasting transformation AND work on tactical strategies to create a profitable business.

The three pillars, while working with us are subconscious mindset, systems and structure and sustainable income.


This is the foundation. Our success is a reflection of the inner work. I know a lot of entrepreneurs including myself who have spent thousands on more intricate ways to get leads. And I will tell you, if you don’t get your inner work in place.

Through subconscious work, we learn how to manage blocks and triggers to continue to be the best version of yourself.

We are the writers of our own stories. We will identify what is blocking us, go deep in and move forward.

We get to write our present and future, and learn to be grateful from our past.

Systems and Structures

OMG. I used to be so reactive. Launch, then rest for a day, and launch again. I also decided to do all the things based on emotions. I would do a challenge one month, a webinar another month, and a freebie another. I never looked at my numbers.

I go through this carefully with my clients and will share with you my framework on how I make my decision based on numbers and alignment, rather than emotional reactions. Please note, that each business is different. I will not give you a copy and paste of what I do in my business.

Instead, we intentionally look at what works for you with your gifts.

Sustainable Income

Scaling is not just about sales. It is also about looking at what you are spending, making sure there is a profit margin. We will start tracking, understanding cash flow and projections (this sh*t use to scare me, and now I love it!).

Once a quarter, we will go through your numbers. What I mean by numbers is not just your sales, but also profit margins.

By looking at our numbers we can help you make decision not just based by emotions or goldy shiny object syndrome, but based on what really works and focusing on.

Meet The Team

When you work with me, you also have access to my team of coaches. As a business and career coach for womxn of all colors, I have created an incredible and diverse team to support all my clients.

Elaine Lou Cartas, MA

CEO + Business Strategist | IG: @elainelou_

Elaine is the CEO and visionary of the business. She mentors and strategizes her 1:1, Legacy Lifestyle Inner Circle and Aligned Legacy Mastermind. She helps her clients create legacy businesses so that they can create generational wealth.

Jave Consorte

Virtual Assistant | thecontessadigital.com

Jave is the tech and design guru for Elaine’s business. She’s worked as a marketing officer for 8 years before going into digital marketing. Jave is also a proud mother of 4 kids.

Katherine Pomerantz

Parker Stevenson + Corey Whitaker, Evolved Finance

Katherine Pomerantz

Parker Stevenson + Corey Whitaker, Evolved Finance

Andrea Sager


All three coaches in our team are Aligned Legacy Mastermind alumni, and currently in the Legacy Lifestyle Inner Circle as clients. They serve as Aligned Legacy Mastermind coaches, and also support our 1:1 clients.

Monica Schrock

Copywriting Coach | IG: @unsociallyinclined

Monica is an optimistic, introverted copywriter who’s spent the last 13 years helping 200 clients craft their message to increased sales and donations from double to over ten times. She provides monthly coaching to the Aligned Legacy Mastermind and 1:1 sessions to support our clients with their messaging and copy.

Katharine Magsaysay

Event Manager

Kat is the Event Manager for the retreats and Color Your Dreams events. Katharine has helped over 500+ clients from around the world and has created impactful change with the way small business owners approach their overall strategy and communication with their clients. Kat checks in with you weekly on your personal and business goals. You also have an opportunity to have a 1:1 session with her.

Caitlin Arnot-Copenhaver

Client Concierge and Assistant + Systems | IG: @caitlingoesvirtual

Caitlin is the go-to person in Elaine’s business for all things client delivery. She is the person behind the onboarding, reminder emails, and systems that keep things running smoothly for our clients. Caitlin previously worked in the non-profit sector for nearly a decade as an administrative manager, honing the skills she uses now to help online business owners and coaches.

Who do we work with?

We serve legacy makers. Women who are determined to create their dreams and understand that their current circumstances don’t dictate their future. They understand that the actions they do NOW will dictate their future.

We have served both product based and service based providers. We have worked with architects, dog trainers, nonprofit consultants, jewelry designers, fashion designers, social media managers, marketing consultants, c-suite executives and therapists.

Who do we not work with?

People who expect US to do the work (We do not create a co-dependent relationship with clients)

Those who want fast generating money (We focus on helping my clients create a sustainable business)

The Color Your Dreams® Approach

This is the approach that my clients will follow in no particular order depending on your current situation, lived experiences, and what makes the most sense for you.

This process is adaptable to meet where you are, and there’s no pressure to do it at any timeline that doesn’t honor you.

Our intention for this Color Your Dreams process is that you stay true to your personal legacy, while my team and I hold you accountable to your vision.


Your Personal Legacy

The life you lead and the future you create.

We create the business, career, and life we want to honor the sacrifices our family made before us and affirm a new legacy built on different choices. To truly be successful, we make sure this is foundational to everything you do before we move forward.

We believe that connecting people to each other and building deep relationships is the ultimate key to success. We strive to connect to cultural heritage, self, and community in our work and for our clients.

In everything we do, we see the opportunity to lead our clients closer to themselves so they can create spaces that diversify the business space through self-healing, inclusion, equity, sustainable business practices, and wealth building.


People And Culture

The people and the purpose you stand by.

We believe women of color and allies should actualize and empower businesses, careers and legacies that are healthily intertwined, create generational wealth, and give back to their communities and themselves.

We recognize that, above all, family or chosen family is the #1 reason we show up. We honor our families and ancestors, nurture the sisterhood family we’ve chosen, and support the communities we live in. We know that communities are stronger with the perspectives and lived experience of everyone, and we learn and practice anti-racism to the best of our current ability, every day.

We see that our clients value a legacy that goes beyond themselves, so in our own business and theirs, we help our clients identify how to create the right team to support the people and purpose they stand by.


Accountability to Align

The support and the clarity to stay true to you.

We guide women of color, and allies, who’ve seen success in their business or career, realign their lifestyle and legacy. Our clients come to us tired of sticking with “what works” to make money over going for what calls to them.

We know that you can have both a successful personal AND professional life. Through 1:1 and group coaching programs, we can support you with a purposeful pivot that meets your needs and wants while uplifting accountability, community, and alignment with your true self.

In doing so, our clients receive weekly accountability action-plans from our team so that you can live in your true self as opposed to being a “prisoner of your own success.” We are committed to you becoming the best version of yourself.


Measuring to Manifest

The numbers and the vision to build your legacy.

Our mission is to support WOC and allies to pivot to an aligned and purposeful lifestyle and legacy in their businesses and careers, while collectively creating a sustainable and equitable future. They do that by understanding their numbers while affirming their vision.

You know the importance of charging a competitive rate, while not playing down the narrative of WOC being paid less. As a result, we support you by creating a system and tracking your numbers so you can create generational wealth, while being able to give back to your community.

As we help our clients build businesses that propel their legacy forward, we focus on how their business can support a life that nurtures them and creates space for wealth in time, love, and self.

How Monica is happier and is making consistent 5-digit per month

115 Client Wins in 2020

How Jada made $22k in 2 weeks

There are 2 ways to work with me and my team.

Unlike other coaching programs where you don't get coaching with the head coach, no matter how you work with me, you get guaranteed 1-on-1 time. In addition to either a monthly or bi-weekly 60-minute 1:1 call, there are also two 90-minute office hours with me every month, an in-person retreat, and monthly office hours with my other coaches (Monica Schrock - a Marketing Strategist, Gabrielle Lacasse - a Systems and Project Management Strategist, and Iryne Carrasquillo - an Intuitive Guide).

Our goal is to keep our services accessible, as well as pay our team their fair wages. For this reason, we offer payment plans to adapt and adjust to your needs.

Through 1:1 and hybrid group coaching programs, we can support you to lead with conscious conversations, create sustainable systems, and build teams that carry your legacy while ensuring everyone has a sustainable life.

My coaching program is selective, with no more than 24 active clients at any one time. This ensures client results.

A mastermind group for business and career leaders to define and create their definition of success in their career AND life in 6-12 months.

The Business & Career Mastermind is for leaders like you who are done doing the most and want to create their own definition of “enough” so they can be present with themselves and loved ones.

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, you will learn sustainable strategies to:

✓ Get your time back while making the right amount of money to live the life you get to live, whether that’s binge-watching on Netflix or going on vacation. You get to work with us to audit your systems with our Operations Coach, Gabby, and better understand your numbers to create aligned decisions. Hello, P&L report!

✓ Communicate effectively to attract ideal clients and work with your team. You get marketing and messaging audits with our Marketing and Messaging Strategist, Monica. And, you learn better communication and assertiveness skills with me when it comes to communicating with your team, who might have different personalities.

✓ Create an aligned flow and structure for your life so you aren’t overwhelmed or burned out and can actually do the hobbies you love doing, whether it’s hiking, reading, or lying down 😉

Together we work on your business or career to find what has worked and what can change to create your aligned life.

You receive an in-person group retreat, monthly 1:1 sessions, and 2 group office hours per month with me, plus monthly office hours with my other coaches (Monica Schrock - a Marketing Strategist, Gabrielle Lacasse - a Systems and Project Management Strategist, and Iryne Carrasquillo - an Intuitive Guide). A marketing OR systems audit. You’ll also get 24/5 Voxer access for further support.

This is a 5-digit investment with extended payment plans if needed to meet accessibility. Click on the link to apply below.

1:1 Mentorship

I work with a limited number of clients 1:1, where you receive 24/5 access to me via emails, Voxer, and two 1:1 coaching sessions per month. You’ll also get everything in the mastermind mentioned above. It’s a 4-digit investment with payment plans to meet accessibility. There’s also an opportunity to work with me through a VIP day in-person as well.

Want to see if it is a good fit to work together first?

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute call.

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This meditation will help you understand
the legacy, leadership and lifestyle you
are meant to create during this lifetime.

This meditation will help you understand the legacy, leadership and lifestyle you are meant to create during this lifetime.