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for WOC and Allies

Leadership + Executive Coach
for Women of Color + Allies



Struggling with what to do next, and need a safe space to express your voice?

Hi! I’m Elaine Lou Cartas. Business and Executive Career Coach for WOC and Allies! MSN recognized me as the Best Leadership & Executive Coach, Apple News featured me as one of the top 5 business coaches, and LA Weekly awarded me as the #1 thought leader. I am also a LinkedIn Learning Instructor.

My leadership advice has been featured in ForbesBusiness InsiderMoney MagazineLinkedIn NewsHuffpostYahoo News and Buzzfeed.

I’m wondering…

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed?
  • Need a sounding board from outside of your company?
  • And are you caught up in the hamster wheel of the day-to-day, but want to focus on the company’s vision, as well as your own personal vision? (Because you want a life outside of work)

“It was a space I can be free in. You [Elaine] saw me as a woman of color struggling for my footing. I walked away knowing that I’m not crazy and that there is help. Thank you for seeing me. It’s helped me get me to where I am at NOW.”

– Chéla Gage, Starbucks Global Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer

I believe that WOC and allies can create an aligned and purposeful lifestyle and legacy in their careers, while collectively creating a sustainable and equitable future.

I help clients do this through a supportive coaching experience using the Color Your Dreams Approach–my unique coaching approach.

“Working with Elaine helped me get a new job where I doubled my income. She has also helped me become more assertive in the workplace. Elaine focuses on the systems that will make your business successful. Those systems have allowed for me to have 80% of my client renewals completed early.”

Lindsey, Market Director

Why should you work with a woman of color / people of color leadership + executive coach?

As a fellow POC, you don’t need to explain why you think or feel certain ways because of your cultural upbringing. I completely understand the imposter syndrome and disappointing our family when going after our dreams.

We were raised to go after the secure and safe job, but I’m here to challenge you that you can have a fulfilling career that does provide security, safety and the life you’ve always wanted.

How am I different from other leadership + executive coaches?

I am a proud first generation Filipino immigrant. I acknowledge the privilege I have because of all the generational sacrifices made before me. Below is a picture left to right, my dad, my grandma, my grandma holding a pic of my great-grandfather and me.

I was a former grassroots organizer and political fundraiser. I have worked on progressive state wide senate, congressional and local races from 2011 – 2014 throughout the country. I I had my first Director position at 22 years old. Here’s a pic of me in the Capitol when I helped then-Congresswoman Janice Hahn get elected!

 I use to be bullied at work, and learned how to stand up for myself. Below is a pic of me at the first event I hosted June 2018 to help women of color and allies to put themselves first.

I was frustrated with not making my worth, and too scared to ask for a raise. I also sought help through my own career coach, and asked for a $12k raise and successfully got it! And now I teach my own clients to get raises

I had to be honest with myself and realize I no longer loved the industry I spent five years in. I was completely burnt out. I mapped out a successful job search and found a new industry and job making $26k more as a nonprofit fundraiser where I raised over $1.1 million in student scholarships. It was a dream job where I worked with an incredible mentor, colleagues and career success I’ve always wanted. Below is a pic of me, and a couple of scholarship winners doing a phone bank to raise more scholarship money!

In 2024, I celebrated 7 years in business serving 3,000+ students in 58 different countries. I have 2 courses with LinkedIn. I’ve been recognized as a top coach by MSNLA WeeklyLife Coach Magazine and Apple News. I am a Trauma Informed Certified, and a Certified Executive Coach. I am working towards being a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation through the Center for Executive Coaching, which I am estimated to get in July 2024. I’m proud of my business growth, and grateful for all the generational sacrifices before me.

The Color Your Dreams® Approach

This is the approach that my clients will follow, in no particular order, depending on your current situation, lived experience, and what makes the most sense for you.

This process is adaptable to meet where you are, and there’s no pressure to do it at any timeline that doesn’t honor you.

Our intention for this Color Your Dreams process is that you stay true to your personal legacy, while my team and I hold you accountable to your vision.

22-minute podcast episode about the Color Your Dreams Approach®

Want someone to guide you through the tough conversations with team members, and celebrate small victories throughout the process?

My leadership development coaching sessions are designed to help guide a top executive like YOU through challenges and opportunities, including:

  • How to support your team when changing processes, expanding the team, or making foundational changes they’re not using.
  • How to be transparent and continue the culture you’ve already created, and improve on it while you’re expanding.
  • How to see your employees as whole humans, while helping them improve and implement self-improvement.
  • How to continue adapting and improving your leadership style while meeting your own needs.

Meet The Team

Imagine being able to lead by example in a way that inspires your team to follow while honoring themselves.

Through one-to-one coaching with me and my team of experts, Monica Schrock, a Marketing Strategist; Gabrielle Lacasse, a Systems & Operations Strategist; Iryne Carrasquillo, an Intuitive Guide;  and me, your Business and Career Coach focused on strategy, accountability, and seeing you as a whole human; we can support you in creating a sustainable and values-driven culture while still being profitable.

Elaine Lou Cartas, MA

CEO + Business Strategist | IG: @elainelou_

Elaine is the CEO and visionary of the business. She works with established entrepreneurs to create a more sustainable life through her Color Your Dreams Inner Circle. Elaine also does 1:1 coaching for entrepreneurs at any level, as well as career coaching clients. 

Monica Schrock

Marketing Strategist

Monica is an optimistic, introverted copywriter who’s spent the last 15 years helping 200 clients craft their message to increased sales and donations from double to over ten times. She provides monthly coaching to the Color Your Dreams Inner Circle and 1:1 sessions to support our clients with their messaging and copy.

Gabrielle Lacasse 

Systems & Operations Strategist

Gabrielle is a seasoned Business Integrator and Consultant with 10+ years of experience in managing projects and operations. She helps business owners focus on the big picture instead of getting bogged down in the details. She’s skilled at building effective teams, coming up with creative solutions, and setting up systems to make businesses run smoother. She’s worked closely in the coaching, consulting, and the tech industry.

What’s possible for you:

  • Imagine being present with your family because your team has your back and can carry out your legacy
  • Creating seamless change while your team is trusting and committed to the process
  • Developing and progressing your strengths-based leadership styles and encouraging your team to do the same
  • Having a team made up of individuals that are understanding and respecting one another to reach the company’s goals
  • Clients / customers who are happy with their service/product and consistently refer and rave about you
  • Knowing you can create your own definition of success and happiness

Curious about my programs? 

While there are different types of coaching, it’s important to know that I do not have a cookie-cutter program that’s built for everyone–I acknowledge each company has its own struggles, challenges, and needs and create a custom program for you. This is not a one-size-fits-all experience, our work together will consider your whole humanness and your team’s, so you can grow as a unit. 

I love scheduling a 30-minute Legacy Business and Career Review Call where you will receive 3 action-items. And after the initial coaching conversation, you will receive an individualized proposal to meet your needs and outline the deliverables. 

My coaching style is personalized and professional, customized to your unique needs as an individual leader and as part of a cohesive team.

So instead of forcing you into a templated program, we’ll identify three goals to help you develop your leadership skills while ensuring your team meets deliverables. 

“As a business owner knee-deep in day-to-day operations for my restaurant, I needed high-level support with strategy and creating a game plan that my whole leadership team could get on board with. Elaine was our answer! During our sessions, she created a safe space where everyone felt comfortable bringing ideas to the table. Furthermore, she kept an open line of communication amongst all involved, so everyone could share their thoughts equally! Every time we leave a session with her, we have more clarity and direction, which has led to more productivity and a positive boost in our morale in the workplace.”


There are 2 ways to work with me and my team.

Unlike other coaching programs where you don’t get coaching with the head coach, no matter how you work with me, you get guaranteed 1-on-1 time. In addition to either a monthly or bi-weekly 60-minute 1:1 call, there are also two 90-minute office hours with me every month, an in-person retreat, and monthly office hours with my other coaches (Monica Schrock – a Marketing Strategist, Gabrielle Lacasse – a Systems and Project Management Strategist, and Iryne Carrasquillo – an Intuitive Guide).

Our goal is to keep our services accessible, as well as pay our team their fair wages. For this reason, we offer payment plans to adapt and adjust to your needs.

Through 1:1 and hybrid group coaching programs, we can support you to lead with conscious conversations, create sustainable systems, and build teams that carry your legacy while ensuring everyone has a sustainable life.

My coaching program is selective, with no more than 24 active clients at any one time. This ensures client results.

A mastermind group for business and career leaders to define and create their definition of success in their career AND life in 6-12 months.

The Business & Career Mastermind is for leaders like you who are done doing the most and want to create their own definition of “enough” so they can be present with themselves and loved ones.

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, you will learn sustainable strategies to:

✓ Get your time back while making the right amount of money to live the life you get to live, whether that’s binge-watching on Netflix or going on vacation. You get to work with us to audit your systems with our Operations Coach, Gabby, and better understand your numbers to create aligned decisions. Hello, P&L report!

✓ Communicate effectively to attract ideal clients and work with your team. You get marketing and messaging audits with our Marketing and Messaging Strategist, Monica. And, you learn better communication and assertiveness skills with me when it comes to communicating with your team, who might have different personalities.

✓ Create an aligned flow and structure for your life so you aren’t overwhelmed or burned out and can actually do the hobbies you love doing, whether it’s hiking, reading, or lying down 😉

Together we work on your business or career to find what has worked and what can change to create your aligned life.

You receive an in-person group retreat, monthly 1:1 sessions, and 2 group office hours per month with me, plus monthly office hours with my other coaches (Monica Schrock – a Marketing Strategist, Gabrielle Lacasse – a Systems and Project Management Strategist, and Iryne Carrasquillo – an Intuitive Guide). A marketing OR systems audit. You’ll also get 24/5 Voxer access for further support.

This is a 5-digit investment with extended payment plans if needed to meet accessibility. Click on the link to apply below.

1:1 Mentorship

I work with a limited number of clients 1:1, where you receive 24/5 access to me via emails, Voxer, and two 1:1 coaching sessions per month. You’ll also get everything in the mastermind mentioned above. It’s a 4-digit investment with payment plans to meet accessibility. There’s also an opportunity to work with me through a VIP day in-person as well.

Here’s what can be included in your individualized proposal depending on your needs:

  • A VIP-Day in-person at a 4-Star Forbes Hotel, Langham, in Los Angeles, California with me to lay out your vision for the year (this can also be done virtually)
  • One-to-one 60-minute sessions with me on business strategy to identify goals with accountability
  • Marketing Audit + Marketing Guide created by Monica Schrock
  • Systems and Operations Audit by Gabrielle Lacasse

Please note, our packages range from four to five figures. Our goal is to keep our coaching practice accessible, as well as pay our team their fair wages. For this reason, we offer payment plans to adapt and adjust to your needs. If you want to work with me as your executive coach, you have options!

Just schedule a 30-minute Legacy Business and Review call to receive three individualized action-items and to see if it’s a good fit to work together.

Hi! I’m Elaine Lou Cartas.

I’m a Business and Career Coach for WOC and Allies. I can’t wait to connect with you to see if it’s a good fit to work together.

So much focus in business has been on profit and automation, but the reality is that we’re human. Yes, profit, a growth mindset, and the right systems are important, but it’s more important to ask

  • Are we leading in a way that is sustainable for ourselves and the people around us?
  • Are we living in our values?
  • And are we able to lead with integrity while others around us are committed to change to achieve amazing results?

In 2020, my business doubled, but I was burned out. I was constantly on my phone and working. It wasn’t working for me, and I knew it was sustainable for serving my clients. 

In 2022, the effects of working a lot finally got to me, and I slowed down a lot to ask, “What is important to me?” I share more in this podcast episode. So I made some radical changes which led to:

  • Having nine weeks of vacation
  • A leaner team ensuring they have time off while hitting our goals
  • Not having to be “on” all the time or constantly in front of my phone/laptop

I strive to help leaders to create a business that creates a great team culture while ensuring each team member, including you, has a sustainable life. I straight up enjoy messy conversations because it creates a team that deeply understands one another.

I work with leaders who…

  • Want to create change and develop their own leadership skills and coaching skills while eliciting trust and commitment to their team
  • Are grounded in their values
  • Are willing to work on themselves and receive feedback

I do not work with leaders who…

  • Are not willing to grow
  • Don’t believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Are not willing to understand and learn from their team

“I was so impressed with Elaine’s ability to command the room of 20+ executives, coaches and mentors for the training we brought her in to lead to kick off our Cohort #1 Mentorship Coaching Circles. Elaine is such a natural speaker and brings with her an amazing energy that creates an inclusive, safe and inspirational environment. She spoke to an audience of Mentors for the Project Management Institute’s San Francisco, Bay Area chapter’s coaching circles to provide them with the tools they would need to mentor a group of Project Managers and aspiring Project Managers. The group was engaged, taking notes, sharing their experiences and gave such great feedback after the training. I am really glad I had her speak to this group to kick off our coaching circles, the wisdom and energy she left them with has certainly made a huge impact on our program.”


Companies & Leaders of Companies I’ve Worked With

Are you ready to create a sustainable and values-driven culture, while still being profitable?

Then schedule a 30-minute Legacy Business and Review Call to receive three individualized action-items and a custom proposal to propel you and your team to your success!

This call is for leaders ready to invest in themselves, and who want to see if it is a good fit to work together.