Are you struggling to have conscious conversations with your team or loved ones?

Want to learn how to go from unconscious communication to consciously communicating with others when conflicts happen?

Because of my work with practicing conscious communication, LA Weekly featured me as the #1 Thought Leader because miscommunication allows us to understand one another.

You read that right! Intentional, conscious communication can lead to strengthening personal and professional relationships. This is why I’m a Top Communication Voice for LinkedIn.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by today’s face-paced world?

  • Because there are so many different ways to communicate with others, it’s hard to catch up with email, text, voice memos, social media, phone calls, and meetings.
  • Because there are so many external stimuli, we may find it hard to connect with others or even our thoughts and feelings.
  • Because being effective communicators means understanding our perceptions, biases, and judgments.

“We contracted Elaine a few months ago to coach our staff during a work retreat. During our sessions with her, I felt engaged and seen. I learned to consider perspectives I’d never really considered. It was a refreshing and eye-opening experience.

Months after, we are seeing how Elaine’s coaching benefied our workspace. We’ve gained the courage to have “concoius conversatons” and feel more confident addresing (I know seh says to stay away from this phrase) difficult situations. Honestly, I’d recommend Elaine’s services to anyone looking to develop a better sense of direction and improvement in their workplace.”

Eloy Armendariz, Latino Equality Alliance


Conscious conversations are all about:

  • Being present and fully engaged in the moment while actively listening to other people and responding with empathy and openness by taking deep breaths to stay calm and grounded.
  • Letting go of our perceptions, biases, and judgments so we can approach each interaction with curiosity and a willingness to learn, such as being able to avoid words that may harm others.
  • Creating a safe and supportive space where we can explore new ideas, challenge our assumptions, and connect with others in a more authentic way.

“Elaine did two amazing workshops for NAAAP on assertiveness, and money. In the Asian culture, it is hard to to speak up especially when it comes to asking for raises. Elaine provided specific word-to-word scripts and strategies to do things like ask for raises, and manage difficult work conversations. In fact, one member was able to stand her ground and ask for a $10k raise.”

— Elizabeth Yang, National President, National Association of Asian American Professionals

Conscious conversations can help us build stronger relationships and foster a more positive and inclusive community, whether with friends, family, colleagues, or strangers.

So, I invite you to join me in embracing conscious conversations where we can:


  • Take time to truly listen to each other and understand each other’s words and body language.
  • Be open to new perspectives that can be thought-provoking, and take time to sit with them.
  • Create a world where meaningful connections and authentic relationships are the norm.

How can conscious conversations help us in our daily lives?

  • We can learn how to increase the likelihood of collaboration by sharing our experiences, perspectives, and ideas and finding support and solidarity with others who understand our unique challenges.
  • Engage in open and honest conversations about race, gender, and other identities, we can challenge assumptions, question biases, and explore new ways of thinking that can lead to more equitable and just outcomes.
  • Break down stereotypes and misconceptions, promote greater understanding and empathy, and create a more inclusive and welcoming environment where everyone feels valued and heard

It’s not about being right, it’s about evolving our understanding and communication to build stronger bonds. 

I went to Elaine’s Assertiveness workshop and found it helpful and engaging. Unlike other professional workshops, Elaine provided a step-by-step process and examples that I can implement in my own career. She engaged her audience using specific examples of setting boundaries and salary negotiation, and provided solutions. She even broke down the sentence structure, and the specific words she would use, to explain why those exact words needed to be used and not others. What I appreciated the most was the direct discussion of how we, as Asian Americans, are perceived as passive. Even though there are stigmas associated, we can still be assertive using specific techniques to end that stigma and get what we deserve.”

— Osula Lam

At Elaine Lou Coaching, we believe in the power of conscious conversations to create positive change in the world. That’s why we provide a space for women of color and allies to connect, share their stories, and support each other. We want to foster a more inclusive and equitable society through our community, where all voices are heard and valued.

So, whether you’re looking to:

  • Share your own experiences
  • Learn from others
  • Connect with like-minded individuals

We invite you to join us in embracing the power of conscious conversations. Together, we can create a world where diversity, equity, and inclusion are not just buzzwords but a reality for all.

Who am I?

I’m an award-winning business coach, career coach, and speaker for WOC and allies. Apple News awarded me as one of the top 5 business coaches, and LA Weekly awarded me the #1 thought leader.

I specialize in helping women of color entrepreneurs and industry leaders land their dream careers and create business opportunities through authentic online and offline relationships. As a result, clients have made multi-6-figure and 7-figure incomes, received $25k raises, earned 6-figure corporate salaries, transitioned into new careers, and created their own global businesses.

I have over a decade of experience as a political grassroots organizer and nonprofit fundraiser. One of her proudest accomplishments was raising $1 million in six months to provide 200+ student scholarships. Today, I’m the founder of the Color Your Dreams® Movement, an initiative to inspire and support women of color, and allies, to create their dream businesses and life.

I’ve been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, and Money Magazine. I’ve spoken around the world, from Sweden to Indonesia, as well as Fortune 500 companies like Universal Music Studios. I lead retreats in the Los Angeles area. I live in Pasadena, California, with my partner, and love Muay Thai and Hot Yoga in my downtime.

I was so impressed with Elaine’s ability to command the room of 20+ executives, coaches and mentors for the training we brought her in to lead to kick off our Cohort #1 Mentorship Coaching Circles. Elaine is such a natural speaker and brings with her an amazing energy that creates an inclusive, safe and inspirational environment.

She spoke to an audience of Mentors for the Project Management Institute’s San Francisco, Bay Area chapter’s coaching circles to provide them with the tools they would need to mentor a group of Project Managers and aspiring Project Managers.

The group was engaged, taking notes, sharing their experiences and gave such great feedback after the training. I am really glad I had her speak to this group to kick off our coaching circles, the wisdom and energy she left them with has certainly made a huge impact on our program.

— Juliana Wise, MBA, PMP.

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