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Established Entrepreneuer

How Cheryl has more time with her 2 sons, and is making $3.6 M this year!

Cheryl White
Franchise, England

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Mazarine Treyz,
Nonprofit Consultant & Career Astrology

How Cassandra had the highest cash month during the pandemic

Cassandra L.,
Brand Strategy & Copywriting

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Jada Neisha, Instagram Strategist

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Reyna Marrufo, Digital Marketing Strategist Coach

How Nicole went from $500/month to $200k in 2020!

Nicole C., Life Coach

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Monica Schrock
Monica Schrock
22:51 10 Nov 22
Elaine has been my business coach for four years and she has supported me in growing a business, and more importantly, a life that reflects who I am and what I want. Moving through the tough decisions and joyous moments with Elaine in my corner has been game changer in my business. She's helped me with strategy and pricing and marketing, and she's always been committed to honoring who I am every step of the way. If you want to do business your way and still get the results you want, work with Elaine!
Ceilidh McGrath
Ceilidh McGrath
19:25 04 Nov 22
Elaine is a gem. She went above and beyond in guiding me towards my goals. The first steps for my particular journey involved analyzing my current client list and identifying patterns in my ideal clients for the purposes of focusing on my marketing efforts into finding those dream clients. After that, she helped me break down my goals into manageable tasks and come up with a plan for the rest of the year in order to reach those goals. The most striking thing about Elaine is how generous she is with her clients - she invited me to her virtual bootcamp and annual retreat, has offered endless resources, provided worksheets with which to challenge myself. She consistently checks in with me on a regular basis, is incredibly personable and has the keenest memory for detail - I honestly don’t know how she remembers everything I tell her! If you’re looking for a business coach who is attentive and straight up just a pro at their job, Elaine is the one for you.
Kelcey Tupas
Kelcey Tupas
21:05 05 Jul 22
I find that a lot of business coaches seem to focus on the same goal for each client and speak too broadly and generally. They focus on numbers, growth for the sake of growth, and oftentimes promote a culture of toxic positivity. Elaine is not anything like the stereotypical coaches we see on the ads that bombard our feeds. She's personable, an active listener, and great at identifying your needs and what will work for you. Creating a business that is sustainable to my health and happiness is important to me and Elaine has helped me get one step closer to achieving that goal.
Crystal Duan
Crystal Duan
01:24 12 Jan 22
Elaine is a very loving, supportive and attentive coach who will give you the tough advice you need and also remind you to value yourself and your time. She gave me amazing business advice that helped me make the income I wanted but was also CONSISTENT. Instead of hitting one 10K month and then burning out, I now feel supported and capable of networking, asking for what I want, and also being realistic about my expectations and seeing what's working. These are all valuable skills not everyone in the business industry touts, but Elaine is excellent in her discernment in helping you also learn to trust yourself and celebrate the highs and lows. I'd 100% recommend her as a coach, mentor, and supporter through these tough times becoming a business owner. I think her approach and philosophy are what's needed in the name of self love and self care!
Katrina Green
Katrina Green
04:26 06 Jan 22
I had the opportunity to work with Elaine in the later part of 2021 and all I have to say is that she's been incredibly helpful with how I can make my business be more aligned with what I envision it to be. She helped me figure out what steps I need to take and changes I had to do in order for me to reach my business goals. Every session feels like a boost of confidence and I feel so equipped to run my business smoothly now thanks to Elaine! 🙂
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