Life Coaching
for WOC and Allies

Life Coaching

for WOC and Allies


“Color Your Dreams®, Create Your Legacy.”

Not feeling aligned in your life?

Hi! I’m Elaine Lou Cartas. Business and Career Coach for WOC and Allies! Apple News featured me as one of the top 5 business coaches, LA Weekly awarded me as the #1 thought leader, and LinkedIn recognized me as a Top Communication Voice.

My leadership advice has been featured in Forbes, Business InsiderMoney Magazine, LinkedIn News and Vital Proteins and I am working to become  International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified.

Through my life coaching program, I believe that a successful and fulfilling life should be built on authenticity, purpose, and the creation of a meaningful legacy. We believe in empowering you to trust yourself and your instincts and make brave choices along the way.

Have you ever wondered, “Am I truly following my own dreams or just meeting others’ expectations?”

What if your life could align with your true self, allowing you to thrive authentically in both personal and professional spheres? I’m here to guide you in leaning into your intuition to create a legacy that reflects your unique journey.

“It was a space I can be free in. You [Elaine] saw me as a woman of color struggling for my footing. I walked away knowing that I’m not crazy and that there is help. Thank you for seeing me. It’s helped me get me to where I am at NOW.”

– Chéla Gage, Starbucks Global Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer

Do you ever feel like your life is not fully aligned with your true aspirations?

✨Like following a copy and paste formula that doesn’t resonate with your values

✨Like sacrificing your well-being cause you’re constantly working all the time

✨Like chasing achievements that don’t bring fulfillment

Imagine trusting yourself to create a life that actually aligns with your values by making decisions that move you towards complete alignment.

Picture yourself building success not just in your career but in every aspect of your life, and building it based on your own definition and NOT your parents, family, and society.

This is what our coaching focuses on.

Through purpose-driven life coaching and personal development, we can support your vision of success, guiding you on a journey of:

✨Discovering your true passions and weaving them into the fabric of your life.

✨Defining success on your terms and creating a legacy that stands the test of time

✨Cultivating a fulfilling life without sacrificing your core values.

✨Building authentic relationships and connections that elevate your personal and professional life.

And we can do this and set goals together so that every step is tailored to your unique journey.

Elaine Lou Life Coaching Services

A transformative and personalized coaching service to get you OUT of your identity crisis and INTO a life aligned with your values, purpose, and self-trust.

No generic, one-size-fits-all approach. While other programs are led by life coaches focused on generic success, I help you prioritize a life led by fulfillment and self-trust. You’ll receive personalized coaching to help you navigate your life authentically.

Work with me on life coaching to:

    • Discover your inherent abilities and face life’s hurdles with newfound assurance and resilience.
    • Take control of your journey, defining success in a way that feels intuitive
    • Create a life where your career accomplishments seamlessly integrate with personal satisfaction, creating a fulfilling existence.
    • Cultivate a clear sense of purpose, waking up each day with direction and fulfillment: 
    • Get clear on how to leave a legacy reflecting your true self

See What Our Clients Are Saying:

What You’ll Get:

⦿ Personalized 1:1 coaching sessions tailored to your unique journey. We can meet monthly or bi-weekly
Weekly accountability emails and action items
2x/month office hours with me
2x/month office hours and my co-coaches work including Intuitive Guidance, Mental Health and Trauma Informed Space, Marketing and Messaging, Systems and Operations
24/5 Voxer Access
Resources, tools, and support to navigate your life with purpose.

My story has led me to…

⦿  Knowing how to deal with conflict and toxic environments by being assertive.
⦿  Living a healthy and holistic life. I listen to my body. I love doing Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing), Hot Yoga, weight-lifting, and hiking.
⦿  Creating boundaries with work, family and all aspects of my life.
⦿  Saying no to people and events that no longer serve me.
⦿  Working and investing on my own coaches since 2014, and my own therapists since 2005.
⦿  Making mistakes that help me learn more about myself.
⦿  Honoring my family’s sacrifices by living my dreams (and wanting the same for you!)
⦿  Becoming reiki-certified, being trauma-informed and currently working on receiving my International Coaching Federation certificate

Working with a life coach is for you if:


You are committed to the hard work that comes with getting clear on your legacy; you understand and are ready to take action!


You are ready to prioritize your well-being through bold action


You firmly believe in the power of creating a lasting legacy that goes beyond personal gains and leaves a meaningful impact.


You are seeking a program that aligns with your values, focusing on substantial, long-term changes rather than superficial solutions.

Working with a life coach isn’t for you if:


You’re looking for a quick-fix solution without genuine transformation.


Material success is your sole focus, disregarding the well-being of yourself and others.


Creating a meaningful and enduring legacy is not a priority for you.

Please note that I am not a licensed therapist and highly encourage to seek therapy outside of our work together to bring a more holistic approach to life coaching.

Therapy helps you heal blocks from the past, and coaching helps you achieve your goals.