Elaine Lou Cartas is an award-winning and trauma-informed business coach, certified executive career coach and speaker for women of color and allies, who has served 4,000+ clients in 58 different countries. MSN recognized Elaine as one of the Best Leadership and Executive Coaches, and also the #1 Business CoachLA Weekly featured Elaine as the #1 Thought Leader to follow, Apple News awarded her as one of the top 5 Business Coaches and . She also has 2 courses with LinkedIn, and 20+ courses with universities including Brown UniversityPenn State and USC.
She specializes in helping women of color entrepreneurs and industry leaders land their dream career and create business opportunities through authentic relationships both online and offline. As a result, clients have made multi 6-figure and 7-figure incomes, received $25k raises, earn 6-figure corporate salaries, transitioned into new careers, and create their own global businesses. She Is also the host of the WOC & Allies: Business & Career Realtalk podcast, which you can listen to on Apple and Spotify
Elaine has over a decade of experience as a political grassroots organizer, and nonprofit fundraiser. One of her proudest accomplishments was raising $1 million in six months to provide 200+ student scholarships. Today, Elaine is the founder of the Color Your Dreams® Movement, an initiative to inspire and support women of color, and allies, to create their dream business and life.
She has been featured in ForbesBusiness Insider, Money MagazineHuffpost and Yahoo News. She has spoken around the world from Sweden to Indonesia, as well as Fortune 500 companies like Universal Music Studios and Starbucks. Elaine leads an annual retreat in the Los Angeles area. She lives in Los Angeles with her boyfriend/partner, and loves Muay Thai and Hot Yoga in her down time.



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Colleges & Women Organizations:

  • How to ask for what you deserve
  • How to bring back your assertive power
  • How to be assertive


  • How to have challenging and empowering conversations with coworkers
  • How conflicts provide opportunities
  • How to bravely plan your future
  • How to meet the needs of diverse, millennial women
  • How to do communicate between different generations
  • Alt Summit: Inclusion: A Standard Not a Strategy
  • Latinx Equality Alliance: Communication & Leading Difficult Conversations
  • Podcast Movement: Size Doesn’t Always Matter: Profit Beyond Numbers with Smart Strategies


  • How fundraising is like dating
  • How to have a successful fundraising event


  • High Organic Touch in No Touch Times
  • Using Free Events to Build Your Business
  • High Organic Touch (HOT) Sales
  • How to Manage Your Team
  • How to Have Manage Difficult Conversations With Your Team



High Touch in No Touch Times

“I’m a huge fan of Elaine. If you are someone that really wants to standout as someone who is doing things in a thoughtful high touch way deeply connecting with people’s hearts, I highly recommend Elaine as a coach, a mastermind leader, and also as a speaker for your events”


I was so impressed with Elaine’s ability to command the room of 20+ executives, coaches and mentors for the training we brought her in to lead to kick off our Cohort #1 Mentorship Coaching Circles. Elaine is such a natural speaker and brings with her an amazing energy that creates an inclusive, safe and inspirational environment.

She spoke to an audience of Mentors for the Project Management Institute’s San Francisco, Bay Area chapter’s coaching circles to provide them with the tools they would need to mentor a group of Project Managers and aspiring Project Managers.

The group was engaged, taking notes, sharing their experiences and gave such great feedback after the training. I am really glad I had her speak to this group to kick off our coaching circles, the wisdom and energy she left them with has certainly made a huge impact on our program.

— Juliana Wise, MBA, PMP.

“Run, don’t walk, to ask Elaine Lou Cartas to speak. As a first generation Millennial leader, she excels at offering career advice to nonprofit audiences. She has had 25 jobs before working for herself, including a fundraising job at a university. I just had her speak at my 4th annual Fundraising Career Conference and I could not be more pleased with the way that she engaged the audience. What are you waiting for? Get her to speak for you now! In fact, 2 attendees received raises using her steps and strategies!”

— Mazarine Treyz, Founder Fundraising Career Conference.

“If you’re looking maximum impact and powerful results to become more assertive and advance your career, then look no further – Elaine is hands down the best coach to support you. Her consistency and authencity to what she teaches means she’ll show up and ensure she leads you to your dreams every step of the way”

— Niyc Pidgeon, Best Selling Hay House Author,
Positive Psychologist & Success Coach

“Elaine did two amazing workshops for NAAAP on assertiveness, and money. In the Asian culture, it is hard to to speak up especially when it comes to asking for raises. Elaine provided specific word-to-word scripts and strategies to do things like ask for raises, and manage difficult work conversations. In fact, one member was able to stand her ground and ask for a $10k raise.”

— Elizabeth Yang, National President, National Association of Asian American Professionals

“Elaine has spoken at 3 of my classes. Each time, she provides so much enthusiasm with real steps and strategies for my students to succeed. As a result, one of my students who worked with her got featured in Groupon and AirBnb. She over-delivers each time.”

— Dr. Kimberly Shediak, Small Business & Entrepreneurship Instructor, Pasadena City College

I went to Elaine’s Assertiveness workshop and found it helpful and engaging. Unlike other professional workshops, Elaine provided a step-by-step process and examples that I can implement in my own career. She engaged her audience using specific examples of setting boundaries and salary negotiation, and provided solutions. She even broke down the sentence structure, and the specific words she would use, to explain why those exact words needed to be used and not others. What I appreciated the most was the direct discussion of how we, as Asian Americans, are perceived as passive. Even though there are stigmas associated, we can still be assertive using specific techniques to end that stigma and get what we deserve.”

— Osula Lam


1. Assertiveness Workshop, Universal Music Group

2. How to Create A Global Business, Pasadena City College

3. Salary Negotiation & Money, National Asian American Professionals Association

4. Speak Your Truth and Ask For A Raise, Fundraising Career Conference

5. How To Get Your First Paying Clients, Entrepreneurship Class, Pasadena City College

6. How To Start Your Business, Entrepreneurship Class, Pasadena City College

7. Outsourcing for Impact, Network of Community College Foundations

8. Giving Tuesday, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Greater Los Angeles Area

9. Diversity Panel, Association of Fundraising Professionals, Greater Los Angeles Area

10. How To Be An Assertiveness Queen, Boss Babe Academy

11. Asking For What You Deserve, New Leaders Council – Sacramento

12. Inclusion – A Standard Not A Strategy, Alt Summit

13. High Touch in No Touch Times – Digital Marketer

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    This meditation will help you understand
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    This meditation will help you understand the legacy, leadership and lifestyle you are meant to create during this lifetime.