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Now what? …if you’re like me, once you’ve made a decision to take big and bold moves, you want to make sure it happens right?

I believe in giving back, which is why I want to give you 30 minutes of my time to see how you can start making these changes by providing you a Kickass Strategy Session (valued at $2497).

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In this 30 minute 2018 Kickass Strategy Session you’ll walk away with:

* Discover what might be blocking you from being fulfilled in your career and being assertive

* Clarity on your career and the step-by-step process to get you there

* How to be more assertive and create boundaries in your work and personal life

* Create a clear plan that describes in detailed steps what you need to do to leverage your time and energy to create the positive change you want now

* The one simple step you can do NOW

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Thank you. When I first met you, I was really struggling with who I wanted to be. At the time, I was at a point that my culture, family values, and identity were coming to a crossroads. As an Asian American, I wanted to break the mold of being the submissive and silent minority. As a daughter and sister, I wanted to make my family proud and be the leading role model. And for myself, ultimately, I wanted to learn how I could close the gap between who I was and who I wanted to be. You taught me that achieving these things did not necessarily have to be a transformation of self, rather acceptance of self. You saw that I lacked the confidence in myself and was constantly anxious. In subtle ways, you would ease my nervousness and guide me into believing in me again — reassuring me that I was of value. You reminded me that I had a voice, one of value and strength. Even more so, you taught me to be more mindful and intentional of my actions. Not only are you an inspiration, but you build the people around you as well.
– Christina Mu

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Global Career & Assertiveness Coach

Hey There!

My name is Elaine Lou, a Global Career & Assertiveness Coach who empowers and transforms others with step-by-step processes and accountability to live a life of confidence. I help others create their dream career and business, while being assertive.

My mission is for others to live their dream life and salary, while honoring their family’s sacrifices. I want others to give themselves permission to live their truth.

I teach my clients what I have personally gone through. In my own career I have:

– Negotiated my salary 2 times while working with a coach, which led to a $12,000 raise and a $26,000 raise

– Had 25 different jobs, was fired 3 times, and quit 3 times to find a career I love, to a business I love

– Left a career I no longer loved to a career I loved using a step-by-step process of doing informational interviews by asking the right questions, using my contacts, and the necessary follow-up steps with contacts that has led to my dream job

– Taught others how to deal with conflict and toxic environments by being assertive

– Has personally been working with coaches since 2014, which has led to making $38,000 more

– Still makes mistakes that is part of my journey

– A proud daughter of two immigrants

– Honors my family’s sacrifices by living my dreams

– Wants you to honor your family too

Why do I do what I do? 

For her.
My grandma.
My family.
They’ve sacrificed so much so that I can live a luxury of choice.
And I want that for you too.