64: How We Get Consistent Clients Without Launching with Monica Schrock


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It’s the holiday season and all the new products and ads are popping up left and right.

You know the ones! They’re designed to make us think we’ll never have this life-changing opportunity again.

And those Playstation and Nintendo “launches” were successful because Mario Kart 64 was EVERYTHING!

And now, small businesses launch using money and time to promote one thing. I used to be a launcher myself, promoting retreats and masterminds six times a year. 

I had spreadsheets and copy of emails, social media posts. I was constantly sharing my life online. It was exhausting. 

In this podcast episode, I’m joined by my marketing strategist, friend and client, Monica Schrock, on how we moved away from launching and towards a more sustainable life where we get consistent clients.

For example, I’m not promoting anything but I:

  • Just closed a deal with a company to film another course. I’m heading to Santa Barbara next week. This course is going live soon with a VERY WELL-KNOWN company
  • Signed on a new 1:1 client, and have 4 calls already scheduled in December with others who want to work with us
  • Working on a contract with a 1 Billion dollar company to do executive coaching with their leaders

More important than these professional wins, personally:

  • I DO NOT post everyday online because my business is NOT dependent on social media
  • I’ve been able to settle into our new home making so many trips to Goodwill to donate things I don’t use
  • I’m doing Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing) on a consistent basis again (at least 3x a week). This was a New Years Resolution that I was 11 months late in doing lol
  • I’ve made more and worked less this year compared to last year which includes a 2 week vacation in Tanzania where I had no laptop, no wifi and had the trip of a lifetime climbing Kilimanjaro and going on a safari

Monica Schrock is a skilled marketing strategist and copywriter, who faced a pivotal career choice in 2005, choosing marketing as a college major and career future while  playing on a basketball scholarship. After graduating, they navigated Los Angeles during the 2008 economic crisis, gracefully transitioning to waiting tables and embracing diverse projects. Now, they have an influx of work from marketing strategies that don’t include launching or social media content.

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • The importance of consistency and simplicity to get clients
  • How we’ve built a business not dependent on social media, and focused on referrals and actually being good at what you do
  • Understanding conversion rates: Knowing lead-to-client conversion rates is key. 

 If you would like to see how to work with me to create a more sustainable life where you can be more present with yourself and create your own checklist of success that’s not created by society and loved ones, then schedule a complimentary legacy business and career review at elainelou.com/call


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