25: Coaching vs. Therapy: Which One Do You Need? with Dr. Nazanin Moali



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Coaching vs. Therapy: Which One Do You Need? with Dr. Nazanin Moali

Coaching and therapy have both become more accepted in our society over recent years, but do you know how they differ? And do you know which one you need?

In this episode, we’re getting into the difference between therapy and coaching, how to hold ethical space as a service provider (while acknowledging that you’re not a therapist), and I’m sharing why I think therapy is more important than coaching—and that’s coming from a coach!

I’m not a licensed therapist, but I’m joined in this episode by my friend Dr. Nazanin Moali, a licensed psychologist and sex therapist, so I know we’re in good hands.

Dr. Nazanin Moali (she/her) is an internationally-recognized psychologist, educator, sex therapist, and podcaster. Her private practice is located in Los Angeles and she specializes in working with couples and individuals struggling with issues of sex and intimacy. She hosts a weekly podcast called Sexology, introducing the most intriguing findings in the psychology of sex and intimacy.

What We Cover in This Episode:

  • Why you can’t always heal on your own
  • Giving yourself grace and asking for help
  • The importance of talking about your experiences
  • How to normalize therapy
  • The danger of reliving your trauma with someone who’s not qualified to help
  • The maintenance that goes into healing
  • Getting the right diagnosis
  • Why coaching can’t replace therapy
  • Acknowledging that you are not an expert at everything
  • Healing through connecting with other people


What do you want your legacy to be? Are you taking actions that move you closer to your legacy or take you away from it? Can a coach or therapist help you answer these questions?

This episode is so important to me because of my own journey with mental health and therapy. Therapy changes lives, and we need to be having more and more conversations about it.

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Resources Mentioned:

EMDR Therapy Resources
The Body Keeps Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma
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Want a basic breakdown and more information on the differences between coaching and therapy?

If you are focused on growth and becoming a better version of yourself, coaching and therapy can be life changing. Therapists and life coaches or business coaches have so much to offer on your journey to address and overcome behavioral patterns, create action plans, and improve mental health conditions. And when it comes to business and creating your own legacy, taking care of your own mental health is imperative to your long term success.

If you’re wondering if I have a coach or a therapist, guess what? I have both. I’m very open about my positive experiences with EMDR therapy for mental health care, and as a coach myself, it’s been crucial for me to work with a business coach to get another perspective on my own business.

First, in order to get the right people in your corner, it’s important to understand the difference between a coach and a therapist. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • A therapist is a licensed healthcare professional, a coach can be certified, but does not have to obtain any license.
  • Therapy focuses on the past and present (ie: past trauma, former relationships, current mental health conditions, relationship issues) while coaching sessions tend to help you create plans for your future.
  • Therapists can help treat mental illness and treat mental health concerns, and while coaches should have a good understanding of how your life experiences have shaped you, they are not qualified to treat mental illness.

When to work with a therapist:

  • You are struggling with mental health, mental illness, trauma, etc. and need professional health treatments.
  • You are struggling in your relationships and need therapy sessions that focus on addressing problematic behavior
  • You have an interest in a specific treatment style like EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) or CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)


When to work with a coach

  • You need support and accountability to achieve your goals and are seeking the structure coaches offer.
  • You are looking for a professional perspective from someone who has been in your shoes and can give personal insight to your business or life plans.
  • You are already doing therapy, and life coaching or business coaching would be a great addition to your support system.

Therapy and coaching both offer professional support in ways that most of us need at some point to create the life and legacy we dream of! If you’d like to hear more in depth information about the difference between coaching and therapy, check out this episode of the Color Your Dreams Podcast.

Do you feel like working with a business coach is right for you, but need to make sure before commiting?

Sign up for a complimentary 30 minute Legacy Business Review call with me and we can talk about it. And don’t worry — this isn’t just a sales call, you’ll receive 3 action items personalized to help you get on track with your goals. If we’re a good fit to work together, we can explore that too! Click here to schedule a Legacy Business Review call. 

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