Listen to Your Gut: How to Intuitively Navigate Your Career Change


Listen to Your Gut: How to Intuitively Navigate Your Career Change

When it comes to navigating career changes and finding new opportunities, logic and analysis isn’t always your best bet–intuition is.

If you feel uncertain about your career, question your value at work, or experience low self-esteem, it may be time to switch things up a bit professionally. Facing a career change feels like stepping into the unknown, and for women of color facing an identity crisis, there must be room for nuance. You may find yourself in a landscape marked by uncertainty, financial instability, or self-doubt that urges you to just give in and stick to what you know or what’s ‘comfortable’.

In my six years as a business and career coach helping women of color and allies to create sustainable lives and legacies, I’ve learned that when we feel stuck in our careers, we can use intentional and conscious conversations as crucial guideposts for navigating life transitions with our intuition.

Feeling stuck in your career doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can be a great opportunity to take a look at your priorities, see how they’ve shifted, and identify what you need to do to get your career and personal life in line with them.You can do this by listening to your gut feelings, honing in on your intuition, and carving out a career path that resonates with your values.

I want to help empower you to cultivate intention that creates space for transformative strategies, fostering a professional life that’s not only successful but deeply aligned with your true self.

Understanding the Power of Intuition in Career Changes

I know, intuition may seem like another intangible buzzword. But intuition isn’t a mystical force; it’s your internal compass guiding you through the unexpected transitions we have in life. Leaning into our intuition can be as simple as having the bravery to realize what we once wanted on paper no longer suits us energetically. I remember when I graduated from my Masters program and quickly (and begrudgingly) realized that I was no longer aligned to what I used to call a ‘dream job’. The analytical side of me could have forced myself to press on down the path I had created for myself, but knew it wasn’t right for me anymore.

For the women of color or daughters of immigrants who I work with, learning to trust your gut isn’t easy. Sometimes your intuition might require you to turn your back on a career path you’ve been working toward, or take on a job that doesn’t fit your cultural or familiar expectations of what ‘success’ looks like. It’s challenges like these that require you to prioritize your life and expectations over others. I know it can be scary but trusting your gut during pivotal career moments often leads to paths that align with your true calling. This intuitive navigation becomes a powerful tool, offering clarity in the face of unique challenges that arise during these transformative moments. The good news? Honing your intuition can be learned.

The Art of Listening to Your Intuition During a Career Change

Before you start working toward the actionable steps of pivoting your professional life, you can start tuning into your gut through proven exercises designed to bring clarity amidst the uncertainty. Here are practical and proven exercises to help you strengthen your intuitive prowess:

Mindfulness Meditation: Set aside dedicated time for mindfulness meditation. This practice involves focusing on your breath, bringing your attention to the present moment. Regular meditation can enhance your ability to tune into your inner voice.

Journaling and Reflection: Create a habit of journaling your thoughts and reflections regularly. Write about your career aspirations, concerns, and any intuitive nudges you may be experiencing. Reviewing these entries over time can reveal patterns and insights. And if you feel comfortable, seek feedback from trusted friends and colleagues on your strengths and weaknesses.

Visualizations: Engage in visualization exercises where you picture your ideal career scenario. Imagine the details – the environment, your tasks, and the emotions associated. Visualization helps align your subconscious with your aspirations.

Self-Assessment Quizzes: Utilize self-assessment quizzes designed to uncover your strengths, values, and preferences. These tools can provide valuable insights into areas where your intuition might be guiding you.

Silent Retreats or Solitude: Schedule moments of solitude or consider a silent retreat. Removing external stimuli allows your intuition to surface more clearly. Use this time to reflect on your career goals and aspirations.

By incorporating these exercises into your routine, you not only create space for intuitive insights but also develop a deeper connection with your inner guidance system. As you navigate your career change, these proven techniques can serve as powerful allies in deciphering the language of your intuition.

Strategies to Intentionally Navigate Career Transitions

Navigating a career change involves both finding your way through the professional landscape and establishing sustainable strategies for long-term success. Here are some ideas I try with my clients to get started:

Decluttering for Mental Clarity and Sustainability

Take a mindful approach to declutter your thoughts AND your space, creating mental clarity that not only guides your present decisions but also fortifies your resilience for the journey ahead.

Seeking Mentorship and Building a Supportive Team

Actively seek mentors who resonate with your career aspirations. These mentors not only provide guidance but also play a crucial role in building a supportive professional network, essential for sustained success.

Setting Aside Dedicated Time for Introspection and Sustainable Strategies

Schedule regular sessions for intentional reflection. This consistent introspection allows you to align your actions with evolving aspirations, creating a foundation for sustained momentum.

Envisioning Your Career Path and Setting SMART Goals

Vision Board Creation: Craft a vision board that vividly represents your career aspirations. This visual representation becomes a daily touchstone, reinforcing your commitment to the intentional path you’re forging for long-term success.

Set SMART Goals: Define Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-Bound (SMART) goals for your career transition. Breaking down objectives into actionable steps enhances intentionality and ensures alignment with your enduring vision. Here’s the thing though–one of your goals during this time in your life has to be personal. It seems counterintuitive, but by focusing on improving your personal life alongside your professional life ensures you don’t lose focus of what’s important.

Engaging in Informational Interviews and Building a Sustainable Network:

Actively engage in informational interviews with professionals in your desired field. Building connections through intentional conversations not only expands your network sustainably but also nurtures relationships crucial for long-term professional growth. My recent career coaching client, Ava, shares her story on my podcast of how doing informational interviews and collecting knowledge made her job search fun rather than stressful.

Navigating an identity crisis and major career shift isn’t just about making BIG decisions; it’s about trusting your gut, embracing your intuition, and crafting a path that aligns with the real you. Remember this isn’t just a shift; it’s a chance for a transformation, especially for the incredible women of color and allies facing an identity crossroads. We’ve talked about intentional conversations, creating space, and building sustainable strategies – the real tools to make this journey not just successful, but deeply fulfilling.

Feeling stuck in your career? Fantastic! Remember, it’s your chance to recalibrate, reassess, and realign with what truly matters to you. So, what’s next? Trust your intuition, legacy leader! Let it be the guide. Embrace the uncertainty, revel in the challenges, and build a career that’s not just a job but a legacy.

If you would like further support in your career, business, or leadership, my team and I would love to support you in creating a sustainable life through our coaching services! You can schedule a 30-minute legacy business or career review call with me to see if it’s a good fit to work together, and you’ll receive 3 action-items from me.


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